About Us

At CBDaily Remedies we believe nature can assist the body in repairing itself.  We offer a range of CBD and beneficial mushroom wellness products that help ease pain and support our customers in maintaining optimal health.  Based in the abundant Pacific Northwest, CBDaily Remedies is committed to ethical, sustainable, locally-sourced and eco-minded business practices.  We focus on minimizing waste and support green technologies. 

 You will notice on our website we also offer products from our sister company, Primordial Mountain.  We got our start with Primordial Mountain, developing handcrafted mushroom supplements and selling at the local farmer’s market and co-op.  As we learned more about the powerful healing properties of CBD, we knew combining CBD and mushrooms would bring our customers the most powerful healing supplements available.


CBDaily Remedies Mission

Bringing premium, organic, all natural remedies to the market is our passion. At CBDaily Remedies we develop each of our products with care to be assured that we are bringing the highest quality to our customers.  We are committed to our craft and believe you will take notice. 

Why Choose CBDaily Remedies?

CBDaily Remedies offers innovative supplement for health and healing. Our team will be there to guide and help you choose the products for your specific needs.We include high doses of CBD in our line of body butter, tinctures, teas, and water, ensuring our customers are receiving the best products available.  Our latest Primordial Shield Chaga Butter, is just one example of a potent topical salve, with 1,000mg of CBD in a 2oz jar.  

Each product is hand made here in Talent, Oregon, with love, care, and precision to provide you with effective, high quality supplements that soothe the body and ignite the mind.

Our growing list of satisfied customers can’t be wrong; CBDaily Remedies is the number one source for quality products, affordable prices, and knowledgeable service. 

Certificate of Analysis for CBDaily Remedies

Quality is of the utmost importance to CBDaily Remedies. Below you will find the results of Infinite Chemical Analysis' review of our CBD isolate. We are proud to share our standard because when it comes to the natural remedies provided by the earth beneath us, we believe you deserve the cleanest and highest quality!




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